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Callicarpa americana (Beauty-berry) (1 gallon)


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Bees and butterflies love the flowers of this 6′-8′ tall native deciduous shrub. Birds love the fruit. I have eaten the fruit also.. Leaves contain compounds which repel mosquitoes. It thrives in sun or part shade, in average to very dry soil. It does well in high-calcium soils where Azaleas, Camellias, and Gardenias fail. Cut branches to the root crown in late winter or early spring to promote bushiness and heavier fruiting. It is normally deer resistant, if deer browsing is excessive interplant with Tridens flavus (Purpletop Grass),   Tripsacum dactyloides (Eastern Gamma Grass), Verbena scabra (Rough Verbena), Elymus sp. (Wild Rye) and/or Teucrium canadensis (Woodsage) to protect from browsing.  We propagate our plants from native populations in Beaufort Co., SC. 

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