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Gladiolus sp. ‘Colleton Cherry’ (‘Colleton Cherry’ Heirloom Gladiola) 1g


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I found these heirloom Gladiolus naturalized on sandy roadsides in Colleton County, SC.  Apparently, they had originally been shared by local farmers who had planted them in front of their houses. Many of the farmhouses are now abandoned, but these Gladiolas have continued to thrive. Instead of being killed by the heavy machinery used to maintain the right-of-ways, it appears that the road graders have helped them spread by dragging corms up and down the roadway. Hummingbirds and big butterflies love the flowers. They thrive in sun or part shade in average to dry soil. If purchased after flower stalks have formed, stake them to keep them from breaking. When grown in the ground, they are more sturdy and should not need staking. Unless deer populations are heavy, they will generally ignore  Gladiolas. If deer are a problem interplant with Verbena scabra, Teucrium canadense, Hyptis verticillata or Tridens flavus to prevent browsing.

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