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Hypericum sp. “Allendale” ( Allendale St. John’s Wort)


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Sharing is caring!

I found one very handsome St. John’s Wort growing wild in Allendale Co., SC in 2016 while botanizing with George Westerfield in 2016.  It was about 6′ tall.. but only 3-4′ wide.  A size  a size and shape perfect for  Coastal SC, where houses are elevated but the builders often fail to leave enough room for most shrubs to grow naturally.  ( So of course,  collected a little propagation material. )  I am trying to identify it now. . It has grown well in pots. Bees love the flowers. I planted  several in a poorly drained garden where deer killed the Basil. It thrived. The deer have not bothered it. The area was flooded with salt water several times, it wasn’t damaged. Plant it in sun or shade in average to wet soil.

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1 gallon dormant


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