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Malvaviscus drummondii (Drummond’s Turkscap) qt



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The flowers of this species were said to resemble turbans worn by Turkish people in the past. They start blooming in the Spring and continues until cold weather comes.  Hummingbirds, Gulf Fritillary Butterflies and Sulfur Butterflies love the flowers. In Mexico it is called Manzanilla (Little Apple) due to the flavor and color of its edible fruit. Birds love them too.  Under favorable conditions, Turk’s Caps can grow up to 9′ tall but they are normally about 3′ tall in Coastal SC. If you want to keep them short and bushy, cut 1/3 of the stems to the base of the plant in early Spring. Plant in sun or part shade. Tolerant wet or dry soils. They thrive on high calcium soils, such as those around foundations and driveways of newer construction. The USDA Plant Atlas calls this species native in GA and SC, Weakley’s Flora says that it was probably introduced from Further South in the US. We propagated our plants from ones that we rescued from mowing and herbiciding in Beaufort Co., SC. They were probably remnants of an old  garden that was destroyed for commercial development.

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