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Pteridium aquilinum var. pseudocaudatum (Southern Bracken Fern) 1g



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 This 2′ tall resilient, hardy native fern spreads,  by long stolons to form large loose colonies. Plant in full sun to part shade. They grow in both sand dunes and pine flatwoods. They  tolerate extremely dry soil, salt winds, high calium soils, acid soils,  and occasional salt flooding. Bracken increases the level of nitrogen and potasssium in the soil. They provide cover for ground nesting and ground feeding birds. They are great for erosion control.  People have harvested them for many reasons. Deer rarely eat them , if deer are esxcessive interplant with Schizachyrium scoparium var. stoloniferum (Creeping Little Bluestem) Chasmanthium sessiliflorum,, or Elymus sp. (Wild Rye). We propagated our plants from native populations in Beaufort County, SC.

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Weight 1.4 kg
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