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Cuthbertia graminea/ Callisia graminea (Grassleaf Roseling)


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Grassleaf Roselings are as cute as they sound. From Spring to Fall, the 6 to 8 inch tall and 8 inch wide tufts of 3/64 to 13/64 inch wide grass-like foliage are covered with 3/4 inch wide flowers.The flowers open in the morning and melt in the afternoon.  (Someone should try using them in an art project.) They are rarely offered for sale, there is not much information about them online. Bee-flies visit the flowers in the nursery. Their larvae eat plant pests, so Grassleaf Roselings make great companions for your other plants.  Closely related plants such as Commelina erecta (Sand Dayflower)  and Tradescantia ohiensis attract bees and are either/or edible or medicinal. Further research will probably show that  Grassleaf Roselings attract bees, and are edible or medicinal too. Plant them in full sun to part shade in well drained soil. Grassleaf Roselings are exceedingly drought-tolerant.  They do well in containers.  Native to FL, GA, MD, NC, SC and VA, we propagated our plants from native populations in Beaufort and Jasper Co., SC.  

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