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Ipomoea imperati/ Ipomoea stolonifera (Beach Morning-glory)


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Unlike most morning-glories, this native succulent does not climb but trails across sand dunes. It roots at the nodes, stabilizing the dunes and reducing erosion. Large showy flowers appear from September to November. Morning-glories are larval host to Pink Spotted Hawkmoths (Agrius cinguata). I have also observed Wasp Moth caterpillars feeding on Morning-glories.  Morning-glories are pollinated by numerous species of native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Many smaller moths also use morning-glories as larval hosts making morning-glories good hunting places for mother birds. Quail and other birds feed on the seeds. 

Native along the coast from Va to FL and westward to Texas (and disjunct in PA and HI). They are rare in SC, we propagated our plants from native populations in Beaufort Co., SC. They do not need maritime conditions to thrive. The plants in the picture are at the SC Botanial Garden at Clemson, SC (in sight of the Blue Ridge). The garden purchased them from us several years ago, 

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