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Oenothera drummondii (Seabeach Evening-primrose )

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This 1’tall native trailing plant, has grayish foliage year round. On the South Carolina coast, it produces fragrant yellow flowers year-round. Watch the plant at dusk and you can see the flowers open. They remain open until noon the following day, longer if it is overcast.  It is pollinated by moths. Cut the stems back to a node by a visible leave or bud.. or throw sand over branches to promote bushiness.  It is tolerant of salt breeze, occasionaly salt flooding, circumneutral soil, and exceedingly dry soils. The seed are small and germinate best where mulch is thin or absent.  We propagated our plants from a native population in Colleton County, SC. 

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3.5" pot, 1 gallon, 3 gallon