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Portulaca pilosa (Kiss Me Quick/ Chisme)


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The charming flowers on this lowgrowing (about 4″ tall) l) native succulent open in midmorning and close in midafternoon from June to October. The flowers attract small native bees, beetles and flower flies. Many species of flower flies are beneficial insects. Their larvae feed on other insects. Birds eat the seeds. They spread  by seed to provide spots of vibrant color in the hottest driest places. (like beaches, Road shoulders and parking lots. Tolerating foot traffic, salt wind and sat flooding. They are so low-growing and easy to pull up that they never become a problem.


Native to  AL , AR , CO , FL , GA , HI , KS , LA , MO , MS , NC , NJ , NM , NV , OK , SC , TN , TX  We propagated our plants from several native populations in Beaufot Co., SC.

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