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You may choose to pick up your order, schedule local delivery, or have it shipped to your location

You can pickup your order at our nursery, or at an Event (see calendar for upcoming events near you). There is no shipping or handling charge for pickup orders. (We have not been able to configure the system to place the handling fee only on shipped orders, we are trying to get that fixed. In the meantime if your picking up your order, and you have been charged a handling fee. We will refund your handling fee to you.)
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If you are within a few hours of the nursery, we can sometimes arrange to deliver plants in our van, to your residence or business.  (We will calculate delivery charges based on mileage, time in transit, and gate passes if applicable.) If you have other friends who can pick up at the same spot, we can split the delivery costs among you. Contact us if you need this service. 
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We ship through US Postal Service. The USPS calculates fees based on distance, size and weight. Note the sizes of the plants when adding them to your quart so that you can manage shipping charges. From smallest to largest.. our sizes are 3.5″, quart, 1/2g, 1g, 3g, 5g, 7g and 15g. If you see something that you like and we do not offer it in a size that is conducive to shipping, contact us, it takes a long time to update the inventory. We may have smaller plants that haven’t been added to the inventory or we may start another batch. 

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