48 Sherman Drive Beaufort, SC 29907 danielpayne@naturescapesofbeaufort.com (843) 525 9454 and (843) 592-8150 (try both)

Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Visiting the Nursery

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If you want to come out today, read notes on the calendar to see if we are open. If you want to come another day, please enter the form below on the page..so we can shedule an appointment. Thank you!

  1. Please stop by and check out our plants.  If the gate is open, the nursery is open. Ring the bell by the greenhouse, honk your horn or yell “hooty-hoo” if you don’t see me. Wait a bit. If I am out back, it will take a bit for me to make it to the front.


Call 843 592 8150 if you are on your way, so I will be looking for you. If, I am not expecting anyone, I might step out of the nursery for a while.

Please come by and pick up some native plants and/or heirloom plants for your garden soon. Thank you!  See the map link for directions. The sign for Sherman Dr. is missing, Sherman is a continuation of Dog Creek Rd. So don’t get confused. Hope to see you soon!

Sharing my love of native plants and heirloom plants is one of greatest joys. I welcome visitors whenever, I am on site. However, there is no sales staff  so the nursery is closed whenever I am doing outside work such as   consultations, vegetation surveys, garden installation, garden maintenance, making deliveries, or collecting propagation material. If you drive by and see that the gate is open, come in and ring the bell by the greenhouse. I live right behind the nursery, my office is in the living room. Give me a few minutes and I will show you around.

To avoid missing us: Try one of the following ways to schedule a visit!

Friend us  Facebook.com/Naturescapes.Beaufort. Message me if you want to visit. I often (but not always) post when we are available there.

email me at danielpayne@naturescapesofbeaufort.com or danielpayne@embarqmail.com to request a visit.

call me at (843) 525-9454 or (843) 592-8150. Leave messages on both numbers.I It is often difficult to hear or reach the phone when I am working outside.
To download a spreadsheet of our current inventory, click here.
The nursery is at 48 Sherman Drive  (Coosaw Island) Beaufort, SC 29907.    Although, we are on a dirt road, if you follow the directions on the Google┬« Maps link below,  you will find it pretty dry and smooth. The sign for Sherman Dr. is often missing, it  is a continuation of Dog Creek Rd, The sign for Dog Creek Rd. is normally there. .. View Larger Map