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Naturescapes founder

Naturescapes founder Daniel Payne
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We are glad that you found our site. We grow over 200 species. We have a small portion in the online catalog. We are adding new ones as we find time to do so. So keep checking with us!

Do me a favor and subscribe to my email list and I will send you a notice when it looks better. You will be happy that you did..

if you do.. you will get a notice when we reload our availability list..Then you will see about 200 different species of native and heirloom plants which are perfectly adapted for Coastal South Carolina and Coastal Georgia.

We propagate almost all of our native plants  from local wild populations we found  in  fields, swamps, marshes, flatwoods and dunes. We found our heirloom plants growing around abandoned homesites..or around long-established populations in old gardens.

Why..a lot of reasons..

1) if we propagate them and help people establish them somewhere else….then if the wild population dies out..the species can continue on

2) Our native birds, butterflies, birds and other wildlife depend on them

3) if you plant the right native plant in your garden, it will not need irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers to thrive.

4) They are as much a part of our history and our culture..as our old homes, churches and businesses.

But…we only grow a few of each species..so sign up so that you will be able to reserve yours when they are ready..


Why do we do it?

First. This county has an incredibly rich flora…but it is disappearing..(catalguing our flora was my masters’ research)..Since, I came here in ’91, I have tried to educate and advocate for our rare platns

We do a lot of other things..too.

Consultations to help you know what you already have and know what plants will grow best for you.

Professional planting. Sustainable garden maintenance..

Lectures, field trips and hands-on workshops.

Vegetation surveys of natural areas.

If you need me call (843) 525-9454 or (843) 592-8150 or danielpayne@naturescapesofbeaufort.com

We are having an open house on April 5th, 2014..9-12 and 1-4.

If you can’t make that day.. come visit another. We are open whenever we are working at the nursery.

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