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Sesuvium portulacastrum (Sea Purslane) 1g



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Little metalic bees visit the pink flowers of this 1″-6″ tall native succulent groundcover. They open in the afternoon and close at dusk. It grows naturally in sand dunes and at the edges of salt marshes. Therefore it is tolerant of salt wind, periodic salt flooding and extremely dry soils. The stems float when the tide rises and lie down again when the tide drops. Before I got my Masters Degree, I had mistaken it for Purslane (Portulaca oleraceae). I picked the tender stems and gave them to my friend, Luis, who cooked them with eggs, the same way his mother cooked eggs with purslane. It tasted pretty good.  I was horrified when I realized I was eating the wrong plant. Later on, I found that  both Purslane and Sea Purslane,  are harvested for food in many parts of the world. Where deer browsing is heavy, protect it by interplanting it with Opuntia, Sporobolus viriginica, Paspalum vaginatum, Spartina patens or Eragrostis elliottii. Since it does not need salt water, nor hardly any water at all, it makes a nice plant for a hanging basket.  Branches may die back during cold weather but it will where flush back once warm weather returns. 

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