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Do you want Black Swallowtails, Plant Southern Water Hemlock!

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Don’t you hate it when your black swallowtail caterpillars wipe out your parsley and then die of starvation?

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Plant Southern Water Hemlock instead. It grows big enough to feed lots of caterpillars and it is perennial so it gets bigger every year. The foliage is 2′-3 ‘ tall now. The flowers attract numerous types of pollinators. Get yours while they are available. Read more about them here. naturescapesofbeaufort.com/…/cicuta-maculata-var-maculata-water-hemlock..

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Nursery hours vary daily. Call  (843) 525-9454 and (843) 592-8150 ito arrange a visit. We also ship.

ou. Image Related To Garden Landscaping Design(We also ship.)

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