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Aiken/Augusta Friends.

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I am planning to deliver plants and visit  friends in Beech Island, SC tomorrow (Saturday, 8/10/18). I will be heading back home on Sunday 8/11/18. If you have friends in the Aiken/Augusta area who like attracting bees, butterflies and birds to their garden with beautiful native plants and heirloom plants (all propagated from local populations so that they will thrive in their gardens)….tell them to email me or call me in the morning. We will make delivery arrangements when I get there. 

Many of the plants in the nursery are listed in the catalog, but a lot of them aren’t. I have been working on the inventory. I plan on posting an updated availability list in the morning.

The plants that we grow are not available anywhere else. No other nursery is propagating native and heirloom plants from local populations in Coastal SC. Many of them have never been offered for sale anywhere else.  Have a great weekend. Please share. Daniel Payne (843) 525-9454 (843) 592-8150 danielpayne@embarqmail.com  Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignImage Related To Garden Landscaping Design















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