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Nursery Visitors/ Green Drinks/ Availability

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Updating the catalog take a looooooong time. Back in ’09 someone added a link for the avialability (from ’09)  I tried to change it but couldn’t figure out how and I can’t afford to pay web designer rates to change it for me.. So, I figured a work around. This morning, I created a new blog and posted a spreadsheet on it https://naturescapesofbeaufort.com/availability-9-17-18/. Only took two hours or so.  Please check it out, you won’t find  these plants for sale anywhere else. (I had thought I had posted it as a tab on the website but it didn’t work.) If you can help me do this, I would be very grateful

Can’t make it out to Coosaw Island? I hate driving too. I am planning on going to Green Drinks from 5:30-7:30  tonight 10/2/18 at the Fillling Station on Ladys Island. If there is something you need, then contact me and I can bring your plants to you there. (After Green Drinks) I have too many things to do in the nursery to come early. 

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