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Betula nigra ‘Dura-heat’ (‘Dura-heat’ River Birch) 15g Special Order: Pickup at Nursery or Local Delivery Only)


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River Birches grow naturally in swamp forests and along streams in much of the Southeastern US, including Beaufort Co., SC. Though their natural habitat is somewhat restricted, they adapt well to cultivation in average to wet soi. ‘Dura-heat’ is a selection of River Birches that stays smaller 30′- 40′  and has a lighter bark (creamy-white) than is typical for the species. They also tolerate, heat, insects, and disease better than is typical for the species. The leaves turn yellow in the fall. 

 I am not growing these in my nursery, but am sourcing them from a nursery that I have worked with years and have found very reliable. The 15 gallon plants available now are 6′ tall. If you would like me to order them for you, please add them to your cart and pay for them,. (We will reserve your plants upon payment and when our order is large enough, we will arrange for delivery)  If you need me to deliver them in the local area and/or plant them for you, I will charge those services upon completion  Delivery and plantings charges are $36 a man-hour, plus costs for soil amendments.


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15 gallon, 25g, 7 gallon

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