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Celtis laevigata (Sugarberry/Southern Hackberry)


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Sharing is caring!

Patrick McMillan, host of SCETV’s “Adventures with Patrick McMillan called Hackberry the best tree for neotropical migrant birds. When migrating northward in the spring, they find a host of small insects feeding on the leaves. When migrating southward in the fall, they feed on the ripe fruit. It is also the larval host of at least three butterflies: the Snout, Hackberry Emperor, and the Tawny Emperor. Become a nice shade tree with interesting bark. If space is limited, cut back to the ground periodically. You might not get fruit, but you will still have a hunting ground for mama birds and a butterfly factory. The fruit is edible for humans too. Thrives in urban conditions where many trees fail. 

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3.5" pot