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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Cirsium horridulum (Yellow Thistle)


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2′-5′ tall native reseeding biennial or perennial is covered with breathtaking cream to purple flowers in spring. Flowers attract Bees, Butterflies, Moths, Beneficial  Insects and Hummingbirds. The Xerces Society rates Thistles specially useful for native bees and beneficial insects.  The Thistle Longhorned Bee specializes on Thistles. Several Beetles specialize on Thistles. Native Bees use the stalks for nesting sites and nesting mateials.  Larval host of Two Butterflies the American Painted Lady and the Little Metalmark. Birds feed on the seeds and the numerous insects that feed on the plant. They also use the thistle down to line their nests. Native A deer baffle, plant tastier plants among thistles to protect them from browsing. Native to  AL , AR , CT , DE , FL , GA , LA , MA , MD , ME , MS , NC , NH , NJ , NV , NY , OK , PA , RI , SC , TN , TX , VA We propagated our plants from local populations in Beaufort Co., SC. Plant in sun or part shade in average to dry soil. Salt tolerant.

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3.5" pot, 1 gallon