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Conoclinium coelestinum (Hardy Ageratum)


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This extremely adaptable native perennial was once widely planted in gardens. It has persisted and naturalized from these old gardens. It spreads rapidly by stolons (underground stems). Stolons are shallow so plants are easy to remove where not wanted. Flowers abundantly in Fall attracting numerous butterflies. Thrives in sun or shade in average to dry soil. It loves disturbed soil and benefits from cultivating the soil. Deer rarely feed on it. Use it as a deer-baffle. Plant it around tastier plants to protect them from browsing. Aphids occasionally feed on young leaves. Use them as a reminder to pinch off the tips promoting bushiness and heavier flowering. Stop pinching in September to allow plants to flower. We propagated our plants from a naturalized population in the garden of Sam and Lucille Greenly in Beaufort, SC in the early ’90s. We have been growing them ever since,

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1 gallon dormant, 3.5" Pot Dormant, 3.5" pot, 1 gallon