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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Melanthera nivea (Salt and Pepper/ Snow Squarestem)


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Robust free-blooming native perennial attracts great numbers and varieties of pollinators. Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Bees, and Beneficial Insects like Wasps all love the flowers. Birds love the seeds.The name “Salt and Pepper” comes from the white flower with black speckles that adorn the plants from summer to frost. Birds love the seeds. Takes average to dry soil. Sun to part-shade. Likes calcium. Deer generally ignore Salt and Pepper

We grow two distinct genotypes from Beaufort Co.,SC and  McIntosh Co., GA. respectively.

Beaufort Co plants can 10’tall and 6′ wide. They have stiff thick stems.

McInstosh Co plants  can grow 3-4′ wide. They have lax, arching stems.

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3.5" pot, 1 gallon