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Passiflora lutea (Yellow Passionflower)


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Native perennial vine can grow (to bout 15′ tall but the soft stemmed vines are easy to contain. It is  larval host to 3 butterflies: Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Heliconia, and Variegated Fritillary Butterfly. It is also is the only known food source of the Passionflower Bee. Birds and small mammals eat the small purple fruit. The summer foliage is subtly variegated with silver. The fall color is a beautiful yellow.  Plant in average to moist soil in sun or part shade. It thrives in high Nitrogen and high Calcium soil.

Native to AL , AR , DC , DE , FL , GA , IL , IN , KS , KY , LA , MD , MO MS , NC , OH , OK , PA , SC , TN , TX , VA , WV . We propagated our plants from native populations in Beaufort Co., SC

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