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Prunella vulgaris var. lanceolata (American Self-heal or American Heal-all)


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Sharing is caring!

Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignAmerican Self-heal is an important nectar source for bees and butterflies. It blooms in early Spring when few other flowers are available. Color varies from the usual purple to the occasional pink or white. Used medicinally for many conditions, some studies indicate it has antiviral properties. Rarely browsed by deer, tolerating mowing and foot traffic, American Self-heal makes a wonderful ground cover for average to moist soil in sun or shade.  In our area, it is evergreen. The vegetative stems hug the ground and root at the nodes. Flowering stems rise up a few inches tall along compacted paths to 2 feet tall in moist wooded areas. For those who want neater gardens, the stems can be mowed to the ground after blooming. Two varieties of Self-heal occur in the Southeastern US. The taller, coarser European Self-heal is commonly naturalized in lawns and roadsides. The shorter, tighter American Self-heal is a locally rare remnant of pine savannas and hardwood forests. We propagated our American Self-heal from one of the few remaining native populations in Beaufort Co., SC.  Plant it in your garden so that you, your butterflies and your bees will be able to enjoy them for years to come. 

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