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Rosa sp. “Susie Green” (“Susie Green’s Rambling Rose” )


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Non-native heirloom rambling rose. Flowers in Spring. Great Shelter for Birds and Small Mammals. Disease Free. Non-Invasive. Old Garden, Bibb Co., GA.


Susie Green” is an heirloom rambling rose with multi-hued pink flowers.  Roses make great shelter for birds and small mammals. We have been growing it in the nursery since the early 2000’s. We have never sprayed it. It has never had any diseases. We propagated it from one growing on my Dad and Stepmom’s (Jerry and Rose Payne’s) property in Bibb County, GA. Rose’s mom, Susie Green had planted it there sometime before 1984 (when Rose and my Dad moved onto the property). I do not know where she got the rose or what the rose’s original name was. It was growing on top of a clay hill. During wet spells,the clay is wet and sticky. During dry spells, it turns to adobe. These are conditions which kill many plants. Susie Green’s Rose thrived there. In the nursery it has endured Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. The storms knocked them over and shut off the electricity needed to water them. (They stayed knocked over for months, yet amazingly continued to grow and bloom. Plant Susie Green where she can climb on a fence or railing…or let her ramble across the ground or through the shrubbery (the way she grows where she was planted by her namesake). The long branches are flexible and the prickles are small. This makes them easy to train. They grow for decades without any care, but they never become invasive. I have yet to see a seedling from Susie Green sprouting in the woods. We have a few available now. Get them while you can.

We may still have a plant or two available. If not, we have plants under production that can be ready within a month of your order during the growing season.

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