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Saururus cernuus (Lizard’s-tail, Breast Weed)


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This native 2′-3′ spreading perennial.  Saururus translates to “Lizard’s Tail”  and “cernuus” to nodding. have always thought plants with curious names like this would be natural choices for children’s gardens.These names refer to the shapes of the 4 to 12 inch long  sweetl smelling inflorescences.  Ther aroma carries for long distances, I was working at a nursery in Georgia when I first smelled them. I followed nose through the woods until I found them growing along a stream. I . In our area, if we cut the stalks back to the ground after blooming they will continue to bloom from April to October and ttractive aromatic foliage will be present from frost to frost. Hairstreak Butterflies, Bees and Beneficial insects isuch as  flies, beetles and wasps visit the flowers. Butterflies and moths.org reports it as the only larval host of the Buffalo Moth.Dragonfly and Damsefly larvae ckimb Lizard Tail stems to transition  to adults.  The adults use the perches while hunting. other insects. .  Wood ducks and other birds feed on the seeds. Turtles and beavers feed on the foliage. Frogs, Salamanders,  Turtles, Vrayfish, Small fish, Birds and Aquatic Insects hide among the stems. Native Americans used it medicnally to as a sedative, to reduce fevers, and to trea stomach aches, rheumatism, and swellings and inflammation of the breast and back. . Moist to wet soils sun or shade. They can grow in up to 1 foot of water, and can handle short spells of  inundataion in up to 3 feet of water. They are great for rain gardens, since they tolerate a wide range in pH.  They are very deer-resistant.

 Native to AL, AR, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MO, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WV.  We have maintained stock plants in the nursery snce 1993. The original plants came from a native population in Beaufort Co., SC that was being destroyed for highway construction. Plant in moist to flooded soil, in sun or part shade. They tolerate a wide range in pH. These attributes make them great candidates for rain gardens.




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