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Solidago caesia (Wreath Goldenrod)


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This 2′ tall native perennial draws bees and butterflies to its flowers and birds to its seed. The foliage is evergreen (even when exposed to cold winds, potted on tables) in Coosaw Island, SC. It is well-behaved forming tight clumps. ¬†Goldenrods were harvested both for medicines and natural dyes. This our most shade-tolerant coastal goldenrod. It thrives in part shade to full shade. ¬†The parent population was growing on clay bluff, so it can tolerate seasonal wetness and dryness. This species is more common in the Mountains and Piedmont, it is very uncommon on the Outer Coastal Plain of SC and GA. We propagated our plants from a rare native population in Effingham County, GA.

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