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Verbena scabra (Rough Vervain)


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Native Perennial Blooms March to September Attracting Bees and Butteflies. Seeds Eaten by Birds. Verbena sps. are the sole larval hosts of the Verbena Moth. Rarely eaten by deer. Their arching branches and inflorescences make great deer baffles for tastier species. Verbena sps. have been used in medicinally. It is closely related to Verbena urticifolia (Nettle leaf Vervain) It is native to AL , AR , AZ , CA , FL , GA , LA , MD , MS , NC , NM , SC , TX , VA , WV. We propagated our plants from native populations in Beaufort Co., SC Plant in full sun. average to wet soil. Thrives in high calcium soils. It often grows in areas that flood with salt water a few times a year.

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