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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Stop by and say hello!

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Smiley and I are getting orders ready to ship tomorrow. Stop by and say hello. Call (843) 592-8150 if you are coming out so that we will be looking for you. The hybrid cars that so many people drive are so quiet that we don’t hear them. If you can’t get a cell signal. Ring the bell by the greenhouse, honk your horn, call out or rap on the wall of the trailer. If the gate is open we are here. 

Feeling stressed? Walk through the nursery and watch the butterflies, bees and birds. Smiley will probably walk with you. She loves getting petted and petting Smiley is one of the best medicines known to science. Many people recognize this. A customer at the sale in Darien yesterday asked me “How much for the fat dog”? His mama must have forgotten to tell him that you shouldn’t comment on a lady’s age or weight. It is free to pet Smiley, but she is not for sale at any price. How could I sell my best friend?  

I realize that the man was probably joking.. but.. you Smiley isn’t fat.. just pleasingly plump.


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