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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Where have I been?

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We (Smiley and I) have been busy working in the nursery.. replacing rotting tables, repairing electric fence, cleaning out rusted up irrigation system, receiving nursery visitors, etc.  More than I can do alone (Smiley keeps me company and makes me smile but she doesn’t have thumbs.. so she can’t help with most of hte work. So busy, that I forgot to post that we are here and we are open. So stop by and say hello.. Send me an email.. or call me (843) 592-8150 or (843) 525-9454. The plant in the picture is one of my green babies.. not known from SC until I found it in Jasper Co. a few years ago. IT is a tough little booger. I have planted it in the driveway and it is spreading! You can read more about it here.  

Mecardonia procumbens syn. Bacopa procumbens (Baby Jump-up)

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