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Acmella repens (formerly Spilanthes americana) (Creeping Spotflower)


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Butterflies love to nectar on Creeping Spotflower.  In Coastal South Carolina it is covered in blooms from June until frost.  Since each head of flowers contains numerous nectaries, and many others are close by, pollinators can conserve energy by feeding from many places without flying to another plant.  Birds will feed on the seeds.  We first propagated this plant from a native population in the swamps of Effingham Co., GA. Since then, I have supplemented them from native populations in Beaufort Co., Hampton Co., and Colleton Co., SC. t is restricted to swampy areas in the wild.  Through 20 years of experimentation (intentional and otherwise,  I have found that will thrive in all but the driest soils. Tolerating moderate food traffic and mowing, it makes a great groundcover. Where it grows alone, it usually stays a few inches tall. When growing among taller grasses and perennials, it will snake its way up a foot or two into the sunlight. Deer normally do not eat Creeping Spotflower. Where deer are problematic, interplant it with one of the “Deer Baffles” such as Chasmanthium sessiliflorum, Arundinaria tecta,  Salvia coccinea or Conoclinium coelestinum. 

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