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Ipomoea sagitatta (Saltmarsh Morning-glory) 3.5″ pot



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The beautiful  flowers of Saltmarsh Morning-glory open early in the morning and close in the afternoon. During overcast days, they can stay open all day. (Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds pollinate the flowers of different morning-glories. I am looking forward to see which species pollinate the flowers of Saltmarsh Morning-glories. I am also looking to find out if they have nectaries on the sepals or leaves, as some morning-glories do and what species feed on them.   Unlike the nonnative  invasive Ipomoea indica (Blue Dawnflower) which can completely cover large shrubs and small trees, Saltmarsh Morning-glory is a well-behaved native perennial vine.  You can plant it on a trellis or allow it climb over other vegetation. Since it spreads by stolons as well as by seeds, it may come up in a different place the following season. Plant in full sun or part shade. Their normal habitat is along the edges of salt marshes. They thrive where they are flooded by spring tides but not by daily tides, or in marshes where freshwater inflow, moderates the salinity. However, they will also thrive in average to moist areas away from salt water. It has been used medicinally for various ailments.  Since the leaves contain latex, they are not a prime deer food. If deer are severe, hide the base of the plant in vegetation the deer don’t eat and let it climb up out of their reach. We propagated our plants from a native population in the Bill and Lucille Culp’s garden in Beaufort, SC. Plant some in your garden, and find out how your butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators use it!

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