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Pycnanthemum muticum (Short-toothed Mountain-mint)


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Butterflies and bees love the white-bracted flowers of this 1′ tall plant. They spread slowly by stolons to make tight patches over time. The aroma of the leaves reminds me of Eucalyptus. They were used medicinally, and make a pleasant tea. medicinally. Plant in Sun or part shade in average to moist soil. They are generally deer resistant.

I found a small (less than 3′ across) patch of Short-toothed Mountain-Mint while conducting a vegetation survey for a proposed park in Beaufort County, SC in 2003. (There was only one clump in the area suitable for this species. I could not identify it in the field. I had never seen it before. I couldn’t key it out. It wasn’t blooming. . I took a few slivers of the clump home to grow out in the nursery. After several months in the nursery, it was blooming so I could ID it and was big enough to sacrifice a small sliver for a voucher specimen. That was the first time and the last time that this species was documented in the wild from our corner of SC.

I saved the rest for propagation material. Over time, I have been able to increase our stock from the original slivers that I collected long ago. It is a good thing. Plans fell through. The original habitat became a subdivision instead of a park. The Beaufort CountyPatrick McMillan of the SC Botanical Garden, purchased some of our plants for their collection, because they were very distinct from the “Piedmont type” plants that he already purchased. Our plants are much shorter (1′-2′) have more flexible stems and smaller leaves than the their growth form was very different from the “Piedmont Type” Short-toothed Mountain-mints that tend to show up “native plant sales”,, that they already had. As I searched the web for pictures, I couldn’t any others that looked like ours I have never seen our “Coastal Type” Short-toothed Mountain-mints distinc stocklants to their collection, because they were obviously different from the “Piedmont type” Short-toothed Mountain-mints that he already had. show up at many “native plant sales”. that they already had in the garden. In fact, I have never seen our “Coastal Type” Short-toothed Mountain-mints anywhere else. Since then the great-great-great grandchildren of those original slivers I collected found have found their way into many gardens including the South Carolina Botanical Garden.All the others I have seen,that they had purchased from another supplier. In fact, I have never seen plants that look like ours from any other vendor. our “Coastal Type” do not recall ever seeing Short-toothed Mountain-mint like ours at eI wanted to post pictures of the pla nurseries.

Sharleen Johnson shared pictures of the “Piedmont type” Short-tooth Mountain-mints in her garden. Iplants I collected long ago. If I hadn’t taken a few slivers of the plant that day, it would have been gone forever. Patrick McMillan, director of the SC Botanical Garden added it to their collection, because it was very distinct from the “Piedmont type” that are grown by the giant out of state commercial nurseries. I was try which supply many of the “native plant sales” in our state. They added our plants to their collection, because they were very distinct from “Piedmont type” which they had purchased elsewhere. When you buy plants at our nursery, you help me to continue saving our native plants. Thank you!I have been having difficulty getting non-blurry pictures so I don’t have any pictures of our plants. Sharleen Johnsonour
Beaufortalready had Short-toothed Mountain-mint from a Piedmont source, in The garden, already had Although, the Director, Dr. Patrick McMillan including the N who runs the garden already had Short-toothed Mountain-mint (from another source that the form that I grin my nursery is markedly different than the commonly grown forms of this species.

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