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Helianthus microcephalus (Small-headed Sunflower)


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This chest high native perennial is covered with flowers from July to November attracting numerous pollinators. Both honey bees and native bees love sunflowers. Several species of bees including the Sunflower Andrena, feed mainly on Sunflowers. Butterflies, skippersn and beneficial insects such as bee Flies and soldier beetles also pollinate the flowers. Woodland Sunflower is also a  larval host of three butterflies: Gorgone Checkerspot, Silvery Checkerspot and Painted Lady. Birds love the seeds as well as the numerous insects that feed on the foliage.

It blooms in mid-summer, before most of the other native sunflowers. It grows in tight clumps which exclude most weeds. If the stems are cut down as the flowers fade, the plant will rebloom several times. . It thrives in sun or part shade in average to relatively dry soil sand or clay. It is relatively deer resistant. If deer are excessive, interplant with Schizachyrium scoparium var. stoloniferum, Tridens flavus, Teucrium canadense or Verbena scabra. We propagated our plants from native populations on my father’s and stepmother’s (Jerry and Rose Payne) property in Bibb Co., Ga. We have been been growing it in the nursery and in many Beaufort Co., gardens since the early ’90’s.


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