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Ruellia caroliniensis (Common Wild-petunia) 3.5″


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  • Native Perennial
  • Blooms Spring -Fall
  • Flowers open Dawn-Early Afternoon (All day when Cloudy)
  • Good nectar producer. Pollinated by Butterflies and Bees
  • Larval host of White Peacock Butterfly, Common Buckeye,  Cuban Crescentspot, Fatima, and Malachite Butterflies.
  • Great for the “brown thumb”. Thrives in most conditions.
  • 1'-2'  tall
  • Economical. Spreads by seeds to rapidly colonize gardens.
  • Cut stems back after blooming to promote heavier blooming and to reduce spread by seed.
  • Forms tight clumps over time. Does not spread by stolons like the invasive Ruellia brittoniana (Mexican Petunia)
  • Sun or shade
  • Sand or clay
  • Wet or dry soil
  • Thrives in High Calcium soils where acid-loving plants die.
  • Propagated from several native populations around nursery in Beaufort Co., SC


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This 1′-2′ native clumping perennial seeds abundantly but does not spread vegetatively like many tropical Ruellias. It Intermingles with but does not dominate other perennials. Flowers in the morning for several months. Larval host of Buckeye, White Peacock, Cuban Crescent, Malachite and Fatima Butterflies. Good nectar producer. Sun or shade. Prefers moist to to dry circumneutral soil.

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Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 7 in

3.5" pot, 1 gallon