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For several years, I have been trying to get my website set up so that people can order and pay for plants online and arranged to have them shipped to their home.. Basic goal…Well, after hiring several people to help me and spending several thousand dollars, I think I have all of the kinks worked out. Last week, I measured and weighed the plants and learned how to download a spreadsheet, edit it offline and upload it again. Now, I am in the process of adding the measurements to the spreadsheet so that I can upload it again. When that is finished, you should be select your plants online, calculate the total for your plants, and the shipping, and pay online…so I can ship the plants to you. I am working through the alphabet.. and up to Gaura angustifolia.. Please pray for me that I have a peaceful week with no irrigation problems, dognappings, deer invasions, etc … so I can dedicate my time to finishing this project this week. Thank you for your patience.. I look forward to doing business with you.  

In the meantime, Milagros aka Mila aka Maybe Mama invites you to come out and see her. She likes to sleep in the dryer at night, but during the day, she is normally waiting in the nursery for visitors. 


  1. Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignChris Olson

    I can help! 🙂

  2. Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignDaniel (Post author)

    I was planning to make a post, when I saw that you made a commented on my post. I get so much spam that I sometimes miss the real comments. Lets talk (843) 592-8150. On another note thank you so much for helping me find Smiley.

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