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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Come see us in Darien, GA this Saturday 9/21/19

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Smiley and I are planning to bring an assortment of natives from the nursery to the Coastal Wildscapes Fall Native Plant Sale in Darien, GA this Saturday 9/21/19. Come see us there. Please place your order online before 5:00 tomorrow so that we will know what to bring you. Here is a list of natives that we have currently available. Please share. Thank you!


www.naturescapesofbeaufort.com, (Native Plants and Heirloom Plants propagated from local pouplations since 1993.) THIS LIST IS ALL NATIVE! Check with me through the week as I may add more plants to the availability. Many species are very limited.  Please order through the website, message me through website if plants are not listed yet. danielpayne@naturescapesofbeaufort.com   Daneil C. Payne, (843) 525-9454, (843) 592-8150.   (I will try to fill in gaps in information later) Groundcovers Butterflies (L=Larval, N=Nectar Bees (N=Native, H=Honey Beneficial Insects Hummingbirds Birds Edible, Medicinal, Crafts Sunlight Average.Wet or Dry Salinity Deer Resistant and D. Baffles
Achillea borealis (Common Yarrow) GC   B BI   N E, M S A-D   DR
Acmella repens (Creeping Spotflower) GC BN       S   S, PS A-W   DR
Adiantum capillus-veneris (Southern Maidenhair Fern)             M PS, S A    
Allium canadense (Wild Onion) GC   NB     I E, M S A   DB
Ampelopsis cordifolia (Heartleaf Peppervine)                     DB
Andropogon tenuispatheus (Maritime Bluestem)             C     NACL  
Asclepias perennis (Swampforest Milkweed)   BL   BI   N   S, PS A-W   DR
Baccharis angustifolia (False Willow/ Narrow-leaved Groundsel Bush)      NB, HB     N M S A-D NACL DR
Bacopa caroliniana (Lemon Bacopa) GC BL B       M S, PS W   DR
Bacopa monnieri (Monnier’s Water-hyssop) GC BL B       M S W NACL DR
Boehmeria cylindrica (False Nettle)   BL       I   S-SH A-W   DR
Borrichia frutescens (Sea Oxeye)   BL       S   S A-D NACL DR
Carex flaccosperma (Blue Woodland Sedge) GC         S, N   PS, SH A-W   DB
Chrysogonum virginianum var. brevistolon (Carolina Green-and Gold) GC BN B     S   PS, SH A-D   DR
Cicuta maculata (Water Hemlock)   BL B BI       S, PS A-W NACL DR
Clinopodium brownei (Browne’s Savory GC BN B       M S W NACL DR
Commelina virginica (Virginia Dayflower)     B       E S, PS, SH A-W   no
Coreopsis integrifolia (Fringe-leaf Coreopsis)     B BI   S   S, PS A-W   DR
Crinum americanum or Crinum erubescens (Swamp Crinum Lily)                      
Dicliptera brachiata (Branched Foldwing)   BN, BL     H N   PS-SH A-W   no
Endodeca serpentaria (Virginia Snakeroot) GC BL         M S, PS A-D   DR
Equisetum hyemale (“Sheldon Shorties” Horsetails)             M S, PS, SH A-W   DR
Eragrostis elliottii (Elliott’s Lovegrass)                     DB
Eryngium baldwinii (Baldwin’s Eryngo) GC BN, BL B BI     M S A-W   DR
Eupatorium compositifolium (Coastal Dog-fennel)                     DB
Eurybia paludosa/ Aster paludosa (Southern Swamp Aster)   BN B     S   S A-W*   DR
Eustachys petraea (Dune Finger-grass) GC             S A-D NACL DB
Eutrochium dubium/ Eupatorium dubium (Coastal Plain Joe-pye-weed)   BN B     S M S A-W*    
Fimbristylis caroliniana (Carolina Fimbry)                   NACL DR
Galium triflorum (Fragrant Bedstraw) GC             PS-SH      
Geum canadense (Canada Avens) GC   B BI       S-SH A-W    
Glandularia canadensis / Verbena canadensis (Rose Verbena) GC BN           S, PS A-D    
Gratiola ramosa (Branched Hedge-hyssop) GC             S W    
Helianthus debilis (Beach Sunflower) GC     BI       S D NACL  
Hibiscus moscheutos ssp. Moscheutos (Eastern Rose-mallow)   BN, BL B   H     S A-W NACL no
Ipomoea sagittata (Saltmarsh Morning-glory) GC BN     H     S A-D NACL  
Iresine rhizomatosa (Bloodleaf)   BL       S   S A-W NACL DR
Iris tridentata (Savannah Iris)   BN B   H H   S-PS A-W   DR
Iris tridentata (Savannah Iris)   BN B   H H   S-PS A-W   DR
Iva imbricata (Dune Marsh-elder)                 A-D    
Justicia ovata var. ovata (Coastal Plain Water-willow) GC BL           S-PS A-W    
Kosteletzkya pentacarpos/ K. virginica (Seashore Mallow)   BN, BL B   H S   S A-W NACL  
Krigia dandelion (Potato Dandelion) GC BN B, NB BI   S, N E S A-W   DR
Lilaeopsis carolinensis (Carolina Lilaeopsis)   BL           S W    
Lycopus sp. (Gypsywort)   BL         C S-SH A-W   DR
Lysimachia ciliata (Fringed Yellow Loosestrife)     NB       M PS A-W   no
Lythrum lanceolatum (Southern Winged Loosestrife)   BN           S A-W NACL  
Marshallia graminifolia (Grassleaf Barbara’s Buttons)   BN             A-W    
Mecardonia procumbens (Baby Jump-up) GC           E S A-D   DR
Melanthera nivea (Salt and Pepper)                 A-D    
Melica mutica (Twoflower Melicgrass)           S   S-SH A-D   DB
Mitchella repens (Partridge Berry) GC   NB       E, M PS-SH A    
Muhlenbergia sericea (Dune Sweetgrass)           S C S A-D NACL DB
Oenothera drummondii (Seabeach Evening-primrose) GC BN, BL     H S E S A-D NACL  
Onoclea sensibilis (Sensitive Fern)               PS-SH A-W   DB
Opuntia stricta var. stricta (Erect Prickly-pear)     B     F E, C, M S D NACL DB
Osmanthus americanus (Devilwood/ Wild Olive)                 A-W    
Panicum virgatum var. virgatum (Switchgrass)   BL       S C S-PS A-W NACL DB
Phlox pilosa (Downy Phlox) GC               A-W   no
Phyla nodiflora (Creeping Frogfruit)   BN, BL             W-D M, D  
Portulaca oleracea (Purslane)       BI         A-D    
Portulaca pilosa (Kiss-me-quick/ Chisme) GC   NB BI     E S D    
Pycnanthemum sp. (New River Mountain Mint)   BN B BI     E, M S, PS A-W*   DB
Ranunculus carolinianus (Carolina Buttercup)     B BI   S   SH, PS A-W    
Rhynchospora colorata (Narrowleaf Whitetop Sedge)     B     S   S A-W NACL DB
Sageretia minutiflora (Fragrant Buckthorn)     B     N, F   S, PS A-D NACL  
Salvia lyrata (Lyreleaf Sage) GC BN           S-SH A-D   DB
Scutellaria integrifolia (Blue Common Skullcaps)             M   A-D    
Scutellaria integrifolia (Pink Common Skullcaps)   N         M        
Sesuvium portulacastrum (Shoreline Sea-purslane) GC   NB       E, M S-PS A-D NACL  
Solidago fistulosa (Hairy Pinewoods Goldenrod)   BN B BI   S M S-PS A-W   DR
Solidago nemoralis (Southern Gray Goldenrod)   BL B BI   S   S-PS A-D   DR
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (Calico Aster)   BN B                
Teucrium canadensis (Woodsage/ American Germander)   BN HB, NB   H   M S-SH W-D NACL DB
Tridens flavus (Purpletop Grass)                      
Triglochin striata (Three-rib Arrowgrass)               S-PS W NACL  
Verbena scabra (Sandpaper Verbena)   BN B         S-PS A-W NACL DB
Vicia caroliniana (Carolina Vetch)                      
Viola sps. (Integrated Violets) GC BN, BL         E S-SH A    
Yucca gloriosa (Mound-lily Yucca)   BN, BL       F E, C S A-D NACL DB