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Sesbania drummondii (Drummond’s Rattlebox)

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Are you having problems finding anything that will grow in your garden? Too wet? Too dry? Salt water? Salt wind? Too many deer?  Plant a Drummond’s Rattlebox. hey are extremely tolerant of poor site conditions.I found the parent plants in a gravel parking lot that floods with salt water on the spring tides. No one’s garden is that bad.. As for deer, this is the first year that I have sold these, However, I planted several Brazilian Sesban in a garden where deer killed the basil. The deer did not touch the Brazilian Sesbans. Both species have toxic compounds in their leaves, so Drummond’s Rattlebox should be equally deer resistant. 

Southeastern Native with beautiful foliage and flowers.  Pollinator magnet. Larval host of several butterflies. What else could you ask. 

They are in 3.5″ pots now but they are getting too big. I will have to repot them soon. Buy them now at the 3.5″ pot price (and 3.5″ pot shipping rate). Only a few available.

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