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Cool Plant Varieties or Herbicide Damage.

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While I was exploring Awendaw and Mount Pleasant over the weekend, I came across some really cool native plants growing along ditch-banks, that had been herbicided recently.  Some of them were a little different, red leaves, or more flowers than usual.  Pretty.. I hope that pretty is genetic…and not herbicide damage…They weren’t burnt or yellow although things near them were dead or dying. We have spent a lot of time and love rescuing plants  from herbicide only to have them die months later… So, I gathered some cuttings, seedlings and divisions…hoping to keep them alive in the nursery and in gardens, if their natural habitat gets destroyed.. We started sticking cuttings and potting up plantlets today.. I hope the plants will live, root, grow and multiply. More stuff to plant tomorrow.. Then….wait and hope for the best.  

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