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Bulls Bay Nature Festival May 19, 2018

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Tomorrow morning, bright and early… I will be driving up to the Sewee Center in Awendaw,SC  to sell some of our native plants at the Bulls Bay Nature Festival. I controlled myself a little.. We only loaded up 43 different species.   All native.  all propagated from local populations…All grown right here in Beaufort, SC without the use of any pesticides other than soap. Come visit us..and bring your friends. 

I don’t have a moving van.. just a work van.. so if you want the best choices..come early.  or better yet, open the catalog.. check the Bulls Bay Category…pay online and reserve your plants..so they will be there when you get there. (I am still adding them….and I won’t get them all in before I crash…but I got some of them in there..

I have been looking for information about my plants…I am amazed at how many species I grow that no one else has ever grown.  (or that no one has ever grown from a Southern Source). I don’t know why anyone in SC or GA would order native plants from Minnesota and expect them to live in their garden. I love finding new information about them. 

Hope to see you tomorrow. 

As always, bring pieces of any relict native vegetation or weeds in your garden.. They will help me steer you to the right plants for your garden.. 

Thank you!

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