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Freeze Protection

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Are you running around trying to cover your plants before they freeze? You don’t have to do that. Almost every single plant in our nursery was propagated from local populations in the wild or in old gardens. They are cold hardy in the ground, so you don’t need to cover them up. In fact, winter is the best time to plant many native plants and heirloom plants. In cooler weather, the soil takes longer to dry out. After you water them in, you may not need to water them again. Some will stay dormant until warmer weather. For others, winter is the time when they grow the most. Since many plants grow horizontally on the ground, or even under the ground in the winter, you may not notice it. This winter growth however, strengthens the plant so that it can devote its energy to blooming in the summer. To learn more, come visit us. I live behind the nursery, it is open whenever I am here, but it is closed when I am away. Call (843) 592-8150 or send me an emanielpayne@embarqmail.com to schedule a visit, so we don’t miss each other. Thank you.

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