48 Sherman Drive Beaufort, SC 29907 [email protected] (843) 525 9454 and (843) 592-8150 (try both)

Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Locally Sourced Native Plants Thrive in the Heat!

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Come by the Nursery at 48 Sherman Dr., Beaufort, SC 29907 to pick out some heat-loving plants for your garden. All of our plants are propagated from local populations. They are adapted to our climate. We like to keep a buffer from the road.. so you can barely see the nursery through the bushes. The sign is faded out, but you can see the greenhouse. My dirty white cargo van is parked in the driveway so you will know I am here. Please call or text to let me know you are coming.. but if i miss your call or text come on out. We will be here until at least 4:00 Maybe later.  I have attached a link to our Carolina Wild Petunias. They will thrive in most conditions in our area. Please share. Thank you!

Carolina Wild Petunias (Ruellia carolinensis)