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Allium canadense (Wild Onion) SKU-ALLCAN


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The foliage and bulbs of this native onion are edible for humans. www.illionoiswildflowers.info reports that the flowers attract Onion Bees, Mason Bees, Stelid Bees, Halictid Bees, Plasterer Bees, Masked Bees, Syryphid Flies, Bee Flies and Wasps. Many syrphid flies, bee flies and wasps feed on other insects. By attracting beneficial insects, it makes a great companion for garden plants.  Since they bloom in Spring, before most native wildflower, they are also an important nectar source for overwintering butterflies. The insects that feed on the foliage make it a good hunting area for mother birds. Deer rarely eat, making it a good deer-baffle for tastier plants.  are pollinated Since this native onion blooms early, it is an important nectar source for overwintering butterflies. The leaves and bulbs can be used like scallions. Needs at least part sun and average to wet soil in winter.  It is dormant in summer so it tolerates very dry soil and deep shade in summer. We propagate our plants from native populations in Beaufort Co., SC.

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