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Canna flaccida (Southern Marsh Canna)


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4′-6′ tall native perennial. Fragrant, yellow flowers open in the evening and attract moths. Larval host of Brazilian Skipper and Canna Moth. Experiments indicate that this species is effective in removing excess nutrients from runoff water. Sun or part shade. Average to wet soil.

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Southern Marsh Cannas are  a great plant for moon gardens.   At dusk, watch the fragrant, yellow flowers open. Soon multitudes of moths will be drawn to the nectar. The flowers stay open until the next morning. Southern Marsh Cannas are a larval host of the Brazilian Skipper. They should be in every coastal butterfly garden. All parts of the plant are edible. The flowers make a nice addition to salads . The large leaves make a nice wrapper for steamed foods such as tamales. An herbalist related that she wrapped feverish babies in the leaves to cool them off. Deer rarely ever browse them. They tolerate some salinity. They are great in removing nutrients from runoff. You don’t need to fertilize them.  Plant them near ditches, retention ponds, and streams to make to help clean the water.

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