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Galium triflorum (Fragrant Bedstraw)


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Larval host of Bedstraw Hawkmoth aka Galium Sphinx,


This 4″ tall native evergreen groundcover.   Delicate white flowers crown snowflake shaped leaves. Flowers are pollinated by small bees and beneficial insects like flies. It is the larval host of several moths including the Galium Sphinx.

American Equivalent of Woodruff, it is used in many of the same ways. Bruised or dried foliage gives off a long-lasting  cherry vanilla smell. It is used both as food, medicine, perfume, insect repellant and room freshener.  Plant it where it is sunny or partly shady in winter and shady in the summer in average to moist soil. It thrives in high calcium soil.  We propagated our plants from a native population growing on a thin layer of rotten leaves over an old brick pathway in Colleton County, SC. it is very rare locally.https://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/species/Hyles-gallii

to learn more about its edible and medicinal usages. https://www.eattheweeds.com/tag/galium-spurium/#:~:text=Galium%20triflorum%20was%20the%20most%20used%20medicinally.%20They,it%20as%20a%20perfume%20and%20for%20washing%20hair.

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