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Narcissus “Mr. John Howard”


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The Fragrant Yellow Flowers of this reliable heirloom plant bring joy on cold winter days. In Coastal SC, they bloom in January and February. Few natives are available for pollinators at this time. Their bloom time and simple flower structure makes them a favorite of Bees, Butterflies, Moths and Beneficial Insects such as Flies. We propagated this from ones naturalized on the property,  that had been planted sometime before 1959. Plant them where they receive sun or part sun during the winter. I have plaClumps grow bigger every year and can be divided periodically. They are deer resistant. They rarely browse them.

These bulbs are a remembrance of the hardworking Gullah/Geechie family of John Howard, the man who sold me, my property. Mr. Howard’s ancestors were kidnapped from Africa, transported across the Atlantic in chains, sold at auction and enslaved on the island where the nursery is now.   HisWe propagated our plants from ones naturalized on the property. I purchased the property from a Gullah/Geechie man in 1996. His ancestors were enslaved on thewhose family had owned the property from the 1860’They had been planted there by members of the Gullah/Geechie family that owned the from the former owner’s garden.

3 or more  bulbs per pot.



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