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Narcissus “Howard Family” (“Howard Family” Jonquils)


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The Fragrant Yellow Flowers of these reliable heirloom bulb bring joy on the cold days of late winter and early Spring.  Numerous pollinators including Bees, Butterflies, Moths and Beneficial Insects are attracted to the flowers. Few other flowers are available at that time. When I purchased the property  in 1996, there were large drifts of these beautiful flowers growing under the persimmon trees. They had been planted sometime before 1959 when Hurricane Gracie made the house unlivable. Although no one had tended to them, the clumps spread steadily over the years. They are disease resistant and deer resistant and adaptable to varying moisture conditions. Plant them where they receive good sunlight during the winter and early spring.

These are mixtures of jonquils and jonquil hybrid Jonquils that had been planted by the Howard Family who purchased the property where the nursery now stands when it the plantation was divided and sold at auction after the Civil War. Previously, the Howard’s probably rescued their original plants from the abandoned plantation gardens.  I like to think that they were able to salvage something from their years of unpaid labor. Click on the link to read more about ‘Camparnelle’ Narcissus. I think the majority of these are ‘Camparnelle’



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