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Thelypteris kunthii (Southern Shield Fern)


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Resilient, hardy native fern grows up to 3′ tall. Almost evergreen during most coastal winters. It spreads by short stolons to form large clumps over time. I have seen them growing on tabby walls and on ditch banks. It is not a wimpy fern. It loves calcium, so it grows well over shell or masonry. If well watered, it can grow in full sun. If not, plant in part shade to full shade.¬† It is generally deer-resistant. If deer are excessive interplant with Elymus sp. (Wild Rye), ¬†Tridens flavus (Purpletop), or Equisetum sp. (‘Bluffton Biggies” Horsetails).

We grow them in 3 sizes 3.5″, 1gallon $10 , and 3 gallon $20.¬† However, I cannot figure out how to add the 1 gallon and 3 gallon sizes to the catalog right now. If you would like larger sizes, contact me and we will get them ready for you!



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3.5" pot, 1 gallon, 3 gallon