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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Visit us at the Port Royal, SC Farmers Market tomorrow

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Smiley, Angel and I have just finished loading up a selection of our plants to take to the Port Royal Farmers Market tomorrow. Visit us there between 9-12 tomorrow, November 4, 2017, and find something special for your garden. We are bringing over 23 species, mostly native plants, but also a few old fashioned heirloom plants. We propagated all of them from local populations(Except for our Stokesia laevis, we have not seen it wild in SC yet) We grow them right here in Beaufort County. That way, you know that they are adapted to our local conditions. We have not treated them with chemicals (except for a fire ant drench when they are in the pots). We have plants for wet places, plants for dry places, plants for sun, plants for shade. Rest assured we have something for you. Come early if you want the best selection. We grow our plants in small batches, so we have limited numbers of each plant to spare.

If you bring samples the things that are growing on their own in your garden, I can help you pick plants that will thrive there. Don’t show me picture on your cell phone. I can rarely id anything from the little screens.

I was started to write a list.but Smiley told me that I need to take a shower and go to bed now.. if I am going to set up on time tomorrow.

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