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Field Trip: Last chance to see the Lady’s Island Bluff Oaks?

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Come join me at 4:00 this afternoon October 29, 2017 to help me look for one of the rarest trees in South Carolina: the Bluff Oak (Quercus austrina). I documented one population of this plant on Sams Point Rd, between Oyster Factory Rd. and Wallace Rd. This is/was the only documented population of Bluff Oak on Lady’s Island. This has been under destruction (not a typo) for some time now. We are going to find out if they are still there. Earlier this week, Lucas High of the Island Packet, asked me about this population. He asked if I had pictures of the trees. I don’t and my camera is not working well. So, I would like your help to get pictures to send him. After you learn how to identify this tree, maybe you can help me other Bluff Oaks. I hope that we can still find them, and if so, the builders could be convinced to keep them and manage them so that they will continue to grow there for decades to come.

There are also several other locally rare species. there as well. I will point out the plants that I see. Please ask me about plants that I point out. Ask me whatever questions you have about the plants that we see. The Unitarian Universalist Church is directly across the street from the destruction site. They are graciously allowing us to use their parking lot during the field trip. I want as many people to come as possible. I don’t want money to be an issue so I am not charging for this field trip. Donations to continue my conservation will be graciously accepted.

I hope to see you there. Thank you!
Daniel C. Payne


  1. Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignDaniel (Post author)

    Two hardy souls, Ben Sellers and Bill Robart, and Scout Robart, joined Smiley and me as we battled the howling winds and rough terrain of the destruction site, searching for the rare Bluff Oaks (Quercus austrina). The wind was blowing the leaves so hard that it was hard to make them out. We did find one struggling Bluff Oak. I hope that somehow they might be preserved. There used to be many more. On a calmer day, we might be able to find a few more. There were many other species there.. too windy to take notes Other species that should be given preference in protection on that site are Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris), Shortleaf PIne (Pinus echinata), Sweetleaf (Symplocos tinctoria), Morella pumila (Dwarf Waxmyrtle),Devilwood (Cartrema floridanum formerly known as Osmanthus americanus), Mockernut Hickory (Carya tomentosa), ,Swamp Red Bay (Persea palustris), Sericocarus sp. (White-topped Aster), My brain is tired now..

  2. Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignDaniel (Post author)

    And a big thank you to Bill Robart and Deborah Patterson-Robart for inviting to eat a delicious home cooked meal. Smiley said that she had a good time with Scout too.

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