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Image Related To Garden Landscaping DesignHave you been looking for native plants or heirloom plants for your garden? Do you like to feed the butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife? Are you tired of spending good money on plants only to watch them die………But…..you haven’t been able to find the time to visit the nursery or are afraid of getting lost or have a small car and don’t you can carry many plants in it….Then this is your lucky day. George Westerfield, one of Hilton Head’s nicest people, will be visiting the nursery on Friday, October 27, 2017 and has offered to pick up your order for you. If you are interested place your order tomorrow and you can pick it up from him. If you are not sure what to get, let me know what your garden is like (Sun, shade, wet, dry, lots of deer) and what you like (butterfly plants, bee plants, plants for birds, native plants, heirloom plants) and I can make some suggestions for you. If you wanted to help George, I am sure he could use a hand at the Hilton Head High School. For years, he has been leading a gang of volunteers to keep the gardens beautiful there.

Several years ago, George brought me up a load of pallets and buckets..and showed me how to make nursery tables out of them. The thought had never occurred to me. It has been a real time saver and back saver. We don’t buy our plants (except for special orders). We propagated them from local populations. We can’t count on finding the same plants again. Many of the populations have since been destroyed by construction or are now behind security gates. Therefore, about half of the plants in the nursery are not for sale. They are our “mama plants” which we propagate the other plants from. Before we made the tables, we had to lift all of the plants up several times a year so that they wouldn’t root in to the ground too much. With the tables we don’t have too. Before, I had to crawl around the ground to weed the pots. Now, I can weed them while standing up. (my 51 year old back really appreciates that change). Before if we got a fungus in one pot, we would have to throw away all of its neighbors, to keep it from spreading. We couldn’t put more pots in that same area either. The tables stop the fungi from spreading from the pot to the ground….but we keep adding plants and pallets rot, so George is bringing us more. At the same time, he helps the community, by keeping usable things out of the landfill. The world needs more people like George.

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