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Naturescapes of Beaufort, SC

Hello Again!

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The Kitty and I  just wanted to let everyone to know that we are still growing and selling native and heirloom plants propagated from local populations. We love visitors, but I am working away from the nursery much of the time.  The kitty hasn’t mastered the art of opening the nursery gate, answering the phone, or answering questions about our plants.  Therefore, the nursery is closed whenever I am working away.  If you drive by and find the nursery open, you are welcome to come in. However, it is a bit of a trot from town.. So email through the contact form on this site or text me on my cell (843) 592-8150 to schedule a visit first. Today, Wednesday, 11/17/21, I will be helping a client repair her irrigation work, so the nursery  will be closed. Tomorrow, we will be open until open until posted otherwise. Come see us soon

I wanted to post a picture of the kitty here, but he is being camer shy at the moment. He suggested that you read about this wonderful native that thrives in wet soil and tolerates some water. Order some and pick them up when you visit.

Canna flaccida (Southern Marsh Canna, Golden Canna, Bandana of the Everglades) SKU-CANFLA